Monday, November 9, 2009

totally kandid

Early this morning Libby and I headed to the mall to make some returns and run errands. Waltzing past Kiddie Kandids a worker approached me and said, "We're training a new girl today and she needs some practice if you wouldn't mind letting us photograph your baby. We'll give you a free 5x7."


"Ya...we'll do it now if you have time."

"Okay then." And in we went.

Libby was hilarious!!! She was neither fussy nor smiling...just content...yet VERY uncooperative with the poor new girl. She would set Libby up on her stomach with her arms tucked under her chin, and as soon as she let go to snap the picture, Libby would stretch her arms out and arch her back and stiffen her legs. She nearly rolled over on her own at one point. They kept saying, "She is very strong for just 2 months...she'll be crawling in no time." Libby sure does have a mind of her own. She wasn't about to be put in any position that wasn't totally comfy for her. After awhile, the manager came over to check out the pics. She said to the nervous new girl, "You only have 3 positions here and you need 6 to certify."

Her response, "The baby won't let me!"

Silly girl. The manager walked me over to the computer to pick our free 5x7 and I could I hardly hide my giggles. They were pretty ridiculous. I guess if I had paid for the session I would have been a little upset, there wasn't ONE decent picture.

I bet new girl doesn't certify. Sad.

I chose the one that made me laugh the can't tell because they cropped it to a close up but, she was supposed to be laying on her tummy w/ her chin resting on her hands and she just kept arching her back and trying to be straight that's what was captured. Then of course they tried to get me to buy a whole sheet of 'em for $39.99. Ya right!

PS New girl kept calling my baby "Libber-licious"....kinda weird, huh?


pollydove said...

Ha ha ha!!!! But she is "Libber-licious!" Too funny! And that little baby is extremely strong and strong willed for her tender little age! xo

alibrough said...

HA! I imagine Libby saying "hey new many times do i have to tell you im not putting my chin on my arms."

Cory & Megan said...

hahaha that is so so funny. i think libber-licious is my new name for her.

Michael and Michelle said...

oh my too funny!!!!

design gal said...

her pictures be vicious,
she be up off her chin,
just waitin' for the pictures,
you da witness,
and the new girl flop flopped!


k, when you read that, you have to read/sing it like fergie's song fergulicious!

The Brady Bunch said...

Poor girl...Libby and the photographer. Its so frustrating trying to train people to take pictures-some people can do it and others can't. (I used to be a manager for Kiddie Kandids.) I love that "Libber-licious" gave her a challenge! (Gotta love the pressure sales huh??) She is a dolly though!!

Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

that is so funny! I really do love that picture though. Libby is freakin cute!!!!!! I know you already know that but I just thought I would remind you. :)