Thursday, November 12, 2009

Michelle & Emma Visit

My good friend Michelle came to visit from Michigan and brought along adorable Emma Jane. Michelle, Megan and I got together for, what else, Cafe Rio. Take out of course, so the kids could play. Here are some attempts at a group shot.

Once the Moms stepped in they were a little more cooperative. (Except Libby. She had had enough.) We had to set up the timer on my camera since we were the only ones home.

Megan and Luke, Michelle and Emma, Me and Libbs

Michelle, it was so good to see you and your cute baby (who's growing up fast) and we can hardly wait until next visit! Maybe then Libby can actually join in the kid play. ;)


Michael and Michelle said...

again, so wild we have kids. Love the pics! Hoping to get mine up here tonight or something. Miss ya!

alibrough said...

wtf about the viagra comment. cute bebes you guys!