Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

Family Costume Party in Sundance.
Mama & Lady Bug Libby.

Haley, Sophie, Libby, Chloe, & Mom (with dark hair!)
Most of the cousins....not Libby's.
The 2 buggies...Libby & Aunt Chloe.

Halloween Night w/ Jared's Family.

Trick-or-Treating w/ cousin Cameron as the Red Power Ranger.
Look at those muscles!
The Pumpkins.
Cousin Savannah as Tinkerbell.
The End.


Coby & Cassy said...

That is the cutest costume yet, McCall. Your baby is "cute as a bug!!!"

The Brady Bunch said...

What a cute Lady Bug! And its funny the "Y" pumpkin of yours is like the 3rd I've seen of friends of mine. Looks like a good 1st Halloween!

alibrough said...


Jen said...

Cute as a bug!