Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's been a very rough 2 weeks for me. I had to go back to work and leave Libby with sitters and I miss her sooo much during the day! I've never been so happy for a WEEKEND in my entire life. Another sad part of my life right now is that I've lost my camera. How awful, right!!! I have searched high and low and I just can't seem to re-locate where it was last left. So...for those who haven't seen Libby in awhile, here are some pics that were on my computer from a little while ago. She looks the same but, getting chubbier everyday.

Chillin' in her crib.

Libby LOVES her room! She doesn't sleep in there yet (because I'll miss her too much being away from my bedside). We can never go back to that, ya know? Sometimes when she's fussy I'll go lay her on her changing table and walk away. She quiets down quickly and stares at the pink walls, and her bows that hang above her head or the fairy's hanging from the ceiling. I'm sure when I get brave enough to part with her at night, she'll do just fine.

Libby sure knows what she wants, and she always gets it.

They say you can't spoil a baby but, this little girl is definitely spoiled. She likes to be held, constantly. Which is okay because everyone always wants to hold her. I don't get much done around the house, that's what Dads are for. She has the cutest pouting face ever and an even cuter......


(This is on her changing table...told ya...she loves it)
Libby loves to be talked to and sang to. She'll talk back or move her lips like she's trying to sing along. Her favorite song right now is Lady Gaga's, "Paparazzi". No joke.

She'll be 2 months old on Halloween and it's been the hardest, most wonderful 2 months of my life. We love you Libby-girl!


alibrough said...

Libbers!!!!!! I love her.

Jen said...

Ha, that picture of her mad is soooo cute...she is very photogenic! Lovely.

The Brady Bunch said...

She is so cute!!!

Michael and Michelle said...

I love that Ali calls her Libbers! Emma's fav song was one of Lady Gaga's songs as well. She must have a thing with the babies!

pollydove said...

I love that baby! The smiling one is seriously enough to get anyone out of a frown and into a smile! Hilarious!! xo