Saturday, September 19, 2009


Best friend Jessica got married yesterday! Congrats to her and Brady!!!
Jared had school so Libby and I ventured out on our own...and it was harder than I thought.
I just want to say sorry to Jess for only being there about 20 minutes. We missed the cake and the bouquet and all the other wedding fun. But, when newborns gotta eat, they gotta eat. And Libby was sure letting EVERYONE at that wedding know that she was hungry.
All dressed up and ready to go.

Meeting auntie Ali who lives far away in Hollywood.
We loved having her here for the day...literally...she flew in for a day.

Megan, Me, Bride Jessica, Ali, Groom Brady, Kady

The wedding was beautiful. I know you 2 will have a happy happy life together.
Again...sorry to have missed most of it.

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Michael and Michelle said...

I am SO sad that I couldn't be there. I heard it was amazing though. Yeah going out with a small baby who breast feeds can be tricky. It will get easier though! No worries.