Sunday, April 5, 2009

nursery already?

I know it seems early to start on a nursery but, I can't help it, I'm so excited! So, my Mom and I spent ALL weekend shopping for da bebe. Starting with my Friday night purchase...a changing table. Thank you KSL...we got this beauty for only $180. Sa-weet deal if you ask me!!!The clothes already starting to pile up on top are thanks to my little cousins hand-me-downs! They are all different sizes though so I've gotta go through them before I start filling up the drawers. Big thanks to Sibley, Blythe, and Tennyson!!!

On Saturday my Mom and I headed to Trolley Square. I had found a crib set that I just LOVED on And it was on sale. They were all sold out of the items I wanted on the web so we went to the store to see if any were in stock there. THEY WERE! Oddly though, they weren't on sale in the store. (I know, weird) The sales lady said the store and site have different things on sale at different times and the sheets and bumper pad I wanted were ringing up full price. It was these cute little fairy sheets and the paisley bumper. 

The problem I found once in the store was that the bumper (which was my main "need") was reversible and I wasn't obsessed with the other side. So, obviously glancing around an adorable store like Pottery Barn, I found a bumper I loved even MORE!!! It was really expensive though so I had to call Jared and beg. Once I convinced him it was a necessity, my Mom and I went to the register. AND IT RANG UP HALF PRICE!!! Don't you just LOVE surprise sales? Not to mention I had a gift card from sister-in-law, Alicia, from Christmas. So my original $99 bumper only cost me 29 bucks! Can you believe it? I bought some paisley sheets like the original bumper I wanted and my Mom bought the cutie fairy sheets for upcoming baby showers too. So we are almost all set. So exciting! 

I don't have a pic of the actually bumper I bought so, you'll just have to wait for the finished project. That will be awhile though because I still need to paint and get my hands on our crib. 


Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

so exciting!!! I am doing the same thing right now. But really I would rather get the nursery done while I can still move. haha I can't wait to see what your nursery will look like in the end.

The Emerys said...

I was the same way. I bought all of Paxton's bedding the same weekend I found out what I was having. And I totally agree with chelsi its so much easier to do everything now, because when you get to the last month you will not feel like doing anything.

Alicia said...

You are welcome! I'm glad our gift came in handy.