Friday, July 11, 2008

dear dog park, we'll be back!

After Cooper's school last night, we met some friends at the Dog Park!!! It was the best new discovery and I'm sure we'll go back! If you don't have a dog, let me just tell you, it's a whole different world. ;) I wasn't really sure how Coop was going to react because last week my step-sister, Brooke, moved in with us bringing along her black lab, blue healer mix. Cooper and Pretty haven't really been getting along that well. I asked Coop's trainer what the best way to get them used to each other was and she suggested getting them out of their element and play, play, play! And so it went. Pretty stayed right next to Brooke the entire night but, after a little encouragement from his Mama, Cooper was off and running and making new friends. It was SO fun! We met lots of neat people and even neater dogs!!!

Here's a couple of sisters that wouldn't get off the bench. Even when Cooper tried to show them a little of his charm...

Don't worry...he found other dogs to sniff.

Brooke and Pretty!

Taking a water break.

Meet Spencer. Such a cool dog! He kept coming over to me and just resting his head on my lap. My pants were soaked with slobber. And ya know, I was having such a great time, I didn't even mind.

"You're so nice for bringin' me here, Mama! I'm going to sleep so great tonight!"

Me and my little lovey!

OH MY GOSH!!! I also learned a very good lesson. DO NOT bring your purse. Every dog there came up to my bag at least once to look for treats or something. I turned my back for a second and a big black lab swiped my camera right from my back. Ya'll are lucky you even have pictures to look at from this experience. It was locked between his teeth as he took of running. I went to chase him and he turned to look at me, tossed the camera up into the air, and caught it again, holding it this time completely in his mouth. I thought he would swallow it whole as he took off running again. And NO ONE would claim this guy! I was yelling at him and chasing him in circles trying to get it back. When I finally caught up with him, I didn't really wanna "hit" someone elses dog (who were nowhere to be found) but, I needed my camera back!!! I tapped his snout until he finally dropped it in the dirt. Not too much damage done. Definitely slobbery and muddy from the fall. I still don't know who the owner was but, man, if I did....

Hahahaha! I can laugh about it now that my camera's ok but, at the time, it was not a fun chase game. ;)


Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

That is so fun! I want to get a dog just so I can go to the dog park. Cooper really is so dang cute!

Elkins said...

Oh I love dog parks! I go all the time in FL. They are great! Where do you take Cooper for training? I should take Lola. Is it expensive?

shan & andrew said...

So funny! K, let's do dinner! NExt Tuesday?

I want a dog now that I saw this post!

Meg and Alex said...

I take my dog to the dog park at least once a week, he just likes going so he can pee on everything and hump dogs twice his size, it's so embarrasing. We should go sometime!