Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Family Trip to Cali

It was very last minute and very good times. Besides the passing of our good friend, Heinie, the trip to my old stoppin' grounds was a great family adventure. We went for a funeral but, were able to squeeze in all of our favorite CA spots. (warning-picture overload!)

This is the minivan Mom rented so that we could all fit comfortably in one place. And she had a VERY hard time giving it back. ;) She'd like to mention that it only had 275 miles on it when we picked it up...sparkling new!

Starting out the long drive. We left Draper at 8pm...drove ALL night....and rolled into our hotel at 6am. We napped 'til noon and were out to enjoy Hunington Beach!

And our favorite places to eat, El Pollo Loco (coming soon to American Fork!!!)

And In-N-Out of course!!! (recently added to St. George) Ha.

The Newport Temple was BEAUTIFUL! Like no other temple I'd ever seen. It was right across the parking lot of the cute church that Hieni's funeral was held. Newport is such a pretty place! And it was a very nice service. My Mom was excited to introduce us to all of her BYU Hawaii friends that were there. (her and Heinie went to school together out there)

You know we had to get some shopping in!!! We checked out the shops at Downtown Disney and got our dance on. ;) We also shopped at The Block at Orange and the Costa Mesa Mall. That was probably the most fancy mall I have EVER been it. I loved it!

This is Sophie with a funny ol' van that we saw. She loved the Cat in the Hat throwin' out the peace sign. Ha.

And Chloe...kissing one of many "frogs" on her journey to the perfect guy. ;)

Thanks Da Mama for such a fun fun trip. Who knows when we'll all be together for a road trip again. We missed Jared VERY VERY much this time around!!! And Cooper too! He had to get boarded and it was really sad for me. I'm sure he did fine but, I've never left the little guy before. ;)


The Skousens said...

Looks like you all had tons of fun...I loved looking at all of the pictures! It was so fun meeting up with you guys for dinner during your trip...I think that it had seriously been ages since I last saw you!!!

Meg and Alex said...

Cute pictures! It looks like you had a fun time and I bet it was nice to get away, how are you doin?

The Josh's said...

I miss California so so bad!

shan & andrew said...

I'm so glad you had fun! I LOVE California! Seriously, if it was affordalbe to live there I would!

K, let's do dinner soon!

paige and jord said...

didnt even know you guys went.. im missing out on everything! (i mean the info) it looks like so much fun! i REALLY miss you guys! love ya

Louder Family said...

I did not even know that you guys went either. I am such a terrible cousin. It looks like you guys had a blast:] I am so excited for you to see jared!! That was so cute about the hugging thing:] I love hugs! I miss the Utah life sometimes...I have a new number! Did you ever have Aaron's number? Cause that is my new one. Anyways I love you and hope all is well!

Phyllis said...

You have inspired me also to plan a vacation trip with friends, thanks.