Monday, July 7, 2008

don't be jealous....

AKA Happy 4th of July!!!
I love this holiday. Especially now that I have a husband and brother-in-law and father-in-law to celebrate about. ;) I know you were ALL wishin' you could hit up The Stadium of Fire to see the "fabulous" Miley Cyrus. Well, peeps, you didn't miss much. In fact, she was horrible. Really. It was bad. But, my family didn't go for Miley...we went for Sophie who danced with her team and many other top teams from the state in a lovely red, white, and blue opening number. And she did great! Here's some pics from our night. Besides Soph, the fireworks were definitely worth it! And I love me some fireworks!!!

Here's Miley...felt the need to share how lame it was. Ha.

I tried to be in the pic....

What was really kinda fun was that a HUGE America flag come right down over the top of us and then onto the football field. We all looked blue for a minute.

And that's cutie Sophie on the right. She did such a good job!

All the dancers down on the field.


linds jo said...

hey ken, tate and i came over tonight to see if you wanted to come get fhe treat with us...but alas, you werent home. maybe next week.

your pics are so cute!

shan & andrew said...

How fun! Seriously though, let's be honest- you and I both know that if your sister wasn't dancing you would have gone to see Miley. Hehe!


Let's go to dinner soon!