Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm not sure who of you has seen the website, Little-People, but, I'm into it. This guy makes teeny tiny little figurines and then leaves them all over London. He takes a pictures right before he leaves them to fend for themselves. A secret dream of mine is to stumble upon one during my frequent trips to London. I've never been, and when I do go, I'm sure people will look at me funny since I'll be squinting at the ground instead of looking up at the gorgeous sites. Anyway, as I walked Cooper a couple of weeks ago I noticed a small fireman figure sitting on the bumper of a truck. I got up close to investigate better and busted up. My dream come true! (Not exactly London but, my front yard? Awesome!) I thought the truck was just a visitor since I had never seen it before and I walk my dog on the same little trail 2 and 3 times everyday. I didn't know just a few weeks later I'd get the same laugh again. I am strange to find this so amusing, I know. And this time I captured what Little-People do all the time.


The Josh's said...

I wish I had your stories to tell. I miss you "work" stories especially!

Ashley said...

haha, that is totally awesome! i love it!

shan & andrew said...

Hey girl- I was thinking about you today! We need to go to lunch or dinner soon! Trio? My treat? Let's do it!

Love this post! We should totally go to London to on a hunt for these lil' guys!