Monday, April 28, 2008

boys will be boys

(and no offense) but, that's why I'm having girls. Jared and I have this on going discussion about our unborn children all the time. He wants a football team and I'd be happy with a ballet class. ;) I guess only time will tell.

I LOVE my nephew and all but, man was he a handful this weekend. Cameron is 3 and FULL of crazy energy. I picked him up after work on Friday (so his parents could enjoy a relaxing weekend in Moab) and we had him until Sunday evening. We wrestled, colored, folded paper airplanes, flooded the bathroom, got chocolate on my comforter, and ate treats until we were sick, to name a few. Cooper digs Cameron in short doses but, I believe 3 days was just too much for my little guy. You see, Cameron has a big BIG lab named Timber and they love to ruff house. Coops just not used to being body slammed on the tile. Not to mention his toys were being stolen even few minutes. And he's very protective of his belongings. By day 2, Coop started steering clear of people under 3 feet tall. ;) I could literally feel his relief when Cameron had gone.

This is cute...Cameron has a stuffed dog that he named Cooper and he's even taken him to show-and-tell at Preschool. I wanted to get a pic of the 2 Coops but, after a dozen attempts, this is the best I got. Oh well, you get the idea.


Colleen Sherman said...

haha... Sometimes 3 year olds can be good birth control, huh? We had a kid friendly bbq last week (our first one) and all the kids under 1 1/2 were making me want a baby.... and all the kids older than that I was trying to steer clear of. I'm just not ready to chase around a kid.

Your nephew is adorable though. I love his cute plaid shorts and and blond hair.

Poor Cooper though.

Colleen Sherman said...
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Colleen Sherman said...
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Colleen Sherman said...

Sorry about posting the comment 3 times. My internet froze and I kept hitting "publish comment" and nothing was happening. Then when I went back to see if at least one worked... I realized all 3 worked. Sorry.

shan & andrew said...

I love cooper! Your nephew is a cutie too! We need to hang out again!

Ashley said...

That is a pretty crazy age, but oh my gosh he is sooo cute!