Thursday, April 24, 2008

#1 Song

Oh my word! This is so fun. Go HERE to find out what song was toppin' the charts the day you where born. The couple people I had heard who had done it TOTALLY matched the personality of their songs so, I wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, I don't think mine is such a match. It's funny, that's for sure. This is me....Ghostbusters! August 5, 1984.

Jared's is even funnier....Prince's "When Doves Cry". I debated even posting the vid cause it's soooo scandalous. And soooo Jared. Hahahaha! Teasing. Enjoy the love below. July 7, 1984.

And the best of all....the only one that suites....Cooper! Beyonce's "Irreplaceable". Cause Coop, my love, you're soooo irreplaceable. January 14, 2007. (I know that's not what the song is about but, I'm going off the title peeps.)

(I also know this is like the worst quality video but, YouTube had a limited selection.)


Brad & Jade said...

McCall it's Jade. What a cute blog I'm so glad that I found it. I haven't seen you at the bank lately are you still there? I saw the pictures of you and your cute friends. Tell them hi for me. I'm glad we can keep in touch now. take care.

Black Fam said...

HAHAHA! Laughed out loud for the Prince song... what a hoot!

EmilyPie said...

ooh I love me some Prince!