Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shopping for a Special Occasion

I forgot to post our Easter Sunday outfits. ;) We had to speak in church so, I treated myself to a new dress....okay 2 new dresses....and 2 shirts....and new shoes. Ha. Speaking was very very very scary for me. I'm grateful for the opportunity but, glad it's over.


shan & andrew said...

You go girl! Not just for buying 2 new fabulous outfits, but for having the courage to speak in church! Having the flu saved Andrew and I from speaking in church. We got a call Thursday night to speak today, but I'm sick so we had to decline. Dang.

linds jo said...

yea for new outfits! we spoke in church on easter sunday too and i decided to treat myself as well...must run in the fam. sorry we missed to bbq,ken was mia. la you!