Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weekly Good Deed Update #1 to a running start. (The only kinda running I do. HeeHee)

Only some of you with "forgetful" husbands can relate to this deed.
Picture it: Your Saturday night is coming to an end, you're tired and looking forward to a relaxing Sabbath, you suggest running to Blockbuster to rent a movie for the following night and THEN, Jared reminds (tells you for the 1st time) he's invited over ALL his local mission-buddies AND their spouses/fiances/girlfriends. AHHH! Instead of heading out to get a chick flick, you go to Albertsons and pick up some roast and veggies. And something easy to make for dessert....are you feeling it...?

Now with a mildly-put background I'll say that I was patient all day, cleaning and cooking, and thinking of conversation starters. The night came and went and it was lovely (from the outside party). My good deed....holding it together and feeding an army. Jared's good deed....promising to never spring things like this on me again. (Ya right?)


Shan&Andrew said...

Andrew does this to me ALL the time and insists that I'm the one forgetting! Sheesh! I'm proud of you for keeping it together! Now here's a funny do you cook a roast? Lol!

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

Your a great wife! Way to go!