Thursday, February 21, 2008


Contrary to what you might think this post is about according to the above picture...I'm not obsessed with the Jonas Bro's. But, little sis, Sophie is. I thought it would be fun to try and win some tickets to their show for her when 97.1 ZHT was giving 'em out. On my drive to work I waiting patiently for the terms on winning. Maybe 97th caller, or trivia questions...whatever it was, I had my dialing finger ready. Then they announced that to win the tickets you had to call in with a story of doing a good deed for somebody else. It had to have been within the last week and after they took a few calls, they would decide which one was the BEST deed and that person would win the covetted Jonas Brothers concert tickets. I racked my brain thinking of my activities during the past week. No "good deeds" came to mind. HOW AWFUL IS THAT!?!!!?! It really has made me depressed. I couldn't even try and win tickets for Soph because I had not helped someone in need. So, I have a new goal!!! At least 1 good deed a week and to make sure I'm on track I'm going to try and post 'em. We'll call it...."Weekly Good Deed Update." Join in if you'd like. It may win you tickets. And if not, it's Christlike. ;)


Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

Hey that is a great idea!

linds jo said...

you are hilarious!

Taylor said...

hey...thanks for the comment! i know, it would be awesome! i have a whole black wardrobe anyways! haha. and that's good to know they train you! i will def have to look more in to it! =]

p.s. i love your blogs, they make me laugh! and my sister and her friend looove the jonas brothers too! haha...and i don't know if i could think of a good deed i did either...i like your idea!