Friday, February 1, 2008

"Sick Day"

I called in sick to work on Thursday. I really wasn't feeling well but, in secret, I'd hoped I would be able to make it down to the Conference Center for President Hinckley's viewing. I feel like one of the perks to living in UT is events like these and I wanted to take advantage of it. When Jared got home from school at 1:30 we headed to Cresent View to check out Elliott and Sophie from school. I thought it should be a whole family event. (on a side note...Sophie is probably THE ONLY child to ever complain about being checked out of school.) Next we picked up my mom from work and caught trax downtown.

The wait was short though the numbers of people were overwhelming. We took a very long walk around the entire building and down the Hall of Prophets and into the viewing room. The flowers were incredable and the spirit was strong. You walk right up next to the tiny coffin. I got very emotional once I was in arms reach of our sweet prophet. I had never been that close to him before and it was a touching experience. What was really cute about it was that they kept his glasses on. I don't think I would've recognized him without them. :)

I think this trip downtown was well worth the "sick day."

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linds jo said...

i loved this post! your lucky your wait wasnt too long...we waited the next day for almost 4 hours-but well worth it!

so sorry we missed your superbowl party. getting out of the nelson house early is no easy feat! we still need to come and see your cute place...much wub