Wednesday, October 23, 2013

logan john - 19 months

This was supposed to be an 18 month post...because ya know, milestones and all...but, another month went by without permission. Here's what my Logan boy's been up to lately. 

First things first. Being cute.

He loooves to make me and Libby laugh. Such a little jokester (like Dad). He'll dance silly and sing along to songs, then look at us to see if we're giggling. I always am so, he'll do it again.

He just started smiling super cheesy for the camera, which also makes me laugh.

Binky obsessed!!! Here he is at church think.

Oh, and don't try to make him talk. He says, mama, dah, nana, and love you. All other words are just not interesting to him. Jared asked him to say "please" the other night before giving him a treat and he started BAWLING!!! "Please" is just too hard, I guess. Poor kid. To get what he wants he'll simply take my hand, walk me over (usually the kitchen) and point. And he won't hold just one finger. He'll wiggle and wiggle his hand inside of mine until we're holding hands correctly. It's adorable.

This brother ADORES his sister! When Libby's at Preschool he searches the house making sure she's really gone. When we pick her up he kicks his feet and squeals just like a newborn would do. It's my favorite thing.

Two words: Toy Story 
You will most likely find Logan with Buzz by his side.

 He gives the BEST hugs ever. If I ever need a hug I just have to say, "Logan! Hurry-hurry, Mama needs a hug!" and he comes running full speed, arms outstretched!

Sure am happy he's mine!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Red, White & Blue

My 2nd favorite holiday came and went too quickly. (Christmas is #1, obvs.) There is just something about all the red, white and blue that makes my heart swell. With a husband that serves our beautiful country, July 4th means just that much more to me! I seriously LOVED my Instagram feed the entire day. Every picture was so festive! Even my friend who lives in London posted a pic of her little's in our nation's colors.

^^^Silly selfies.^^^

^^^We spent the afternoon in Park City. Libby and I shared a cotton candy snow cone and then we all road the rides. For those who haven't been, the coaster is worth the money. The Alpine slides, not so much!^^^

^^^Sandy Days Parade. This family LOVES a good parade! Especially ones that hand out teeny flags and otterpops. Such a fun idea. ^^^

^^^Sometimes Logan likes his sister....other times, notsomuch.^^^

^^^The many attempts at a family picture (there were even more). I was VERY happy to see that Jared was smiling in every one. He's usually worse then the kids. ;) ^^^


Home of the free, because of the brave. 
Love you, America. 

Looking forward to next year....hopefully my side of the family decides to keep with tradition and COME! (Wink Wink, Mom)

Friday, June 28, 2013

character post

The character's don't wonder like they used to at Disneyland. You have to wait in loooong lines to see anyone. Which is good and bad all rolled into one. 

Here is who we were lucky enough to see:

^^^Logan cracks me up in this pic. It looks like he was told not to touch so is sneakily doing it anyway.^^^

^^^The down side to loooong character lines, babies may fall asleep. These 2 were both awake when we started the wait for their favorite. Shoot!^^^

^^^Tinkerbell had the longest wait. Almost an hour!!!^^^

^^^Libby was really nervous about Peter Pan for some reason. She wanted me in the picture with her. Then as we were walking away she said she just wanted to see Wendy.^^^

^^^Libby was very chatty with the princesses. Asking where everyone from their movies was. She told Ariel she had seen her show and that Sebastian was sooo funny. :) Then she'd get really weird and nervous for a picture. Not sure why.^^^

^^^Here's another bummer to long line waits, sometimes characters leave after you've been waiting forever! We were in line for Winnie The Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger. Just as we were coming up, Pooh and Eeyore took their break. I love Libby and Adam in this one. ^^^

We never saw Mickey or Minnie which was a bummer but, we did see a bunch of character's in the Pixar parade. Libby loved that!!! 

^^^Group shot.^^^

We had a pretty great time overall. Looking forward to our next trip. Maybe my side of the family will tag along. Now that is how I like to do Disney. ;)

Monday, June 24, 2013

the happiest place on earth

Truly. It is the happiest place on Earth. We, over here at my house, are Disney fans! I would love to live in California and be an annual pass holder. (Among other things. California is pretty great!) 

And's a lot of cell phone pictures since I left my camera charger at home! Boo. My cute Mom did send it on day 3 along with Libby's character autograph book I also left behind. Doh! 

^^^ We made it!!! (This pic is for my Mom...she loooooves jumping pictures. (Jared is jumping too.)) ^^^

^^^Sittin' pool side and enjoying the water slides on day 1.^^^

^^^ We had been saving ALL year and were prepared to go all out this trip. We stayed at The Grand California Hotel connecting right to California Adventure. It was heaven not dealing with shuttles so early and so late at night like past trips. The bunk beds were a BIG hit as well. The biggest bummer though was our first morning there we got up before the sun to get in line for Early Entry. (Disney Hotel guests get in 1 hour before the park even opens.) Head to the bathroom and.... NO WATER!!! A pipe broke in the night and the entire hotel was out of water! We brushed our teeth with a water bottle and headed to Disneyland to use the restroom. Cray-Cray! ^^^

^^^Logan is my child that loves his sleep!! He goes down early and sleeps in late so, the Early Entry was not his favorite part of this trip. When we were all scrambling to get ready each morning he would find a spot on the floor and drift in and out of sleep until we scooped him up to go. Our fourth or fifth ride was the Merry-Go-Round and you can tell it's just still too early for him.^^^

^^^Poor Libby was so confused about Disneyland. When you walk in the park there's not much to it so, when I asked her for the classic family photo op she wasn't too thrilled. Once we walked down Main Street and she saw that castle her eyes just lit up. She said, "Mom, I'll take a picture with the castle! And I want to hold Logan!" Okay then....^^^

^^^Libby mapping out our first day during breakfast!^^^

^^^Logan and I did a lot of hanging out while the big kids road rides. 
Libby was just barely tall enough to get on.^^^

^^^And although she was tall enough, I don't think she was brave enough! After Splash Mountain she said to Jared, "I just want to ride little girl rides now."^^^

^^^Cousins! All 3 of these littles live in different states so they get really excited to be reunited!^^^

^^^Oh, just Logan looking like a total big boy riding Winnie The Pooh.^^^


^^^Rocking out to the Phineas and Ferb band!^^^

^^^This was our first time in Cars Land and I think we'd all give it 2 thumbs way up. So darling, such fun rides, and yummy food! Disney does it again.^^^

^^^Souvenir shopping is my favorite part! I kept trying to get Libby to pick this cutie stuffed Dumbo but, she just wasn't interested. Finally Jared said, "McCall. She wants Lady and the Tramp. Leave her alone." Haha. Fine. I'll get Dumbo for ME!^^^

^^^Adios Grand California. Besides your first days mishap we got along pretty great!^^^

^^^Isn't the drive home just the worst?^^^

We did see some characters (not many) but, I need to collect those pictures from Brandie.