Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Day

Little Libby was so excited to see fresh snow falling out her window yesterday morning. It kept falling clear until the sun went down. Around 2, when Logan was napping and kids were walking home from the school bus, we bundled up, Libby and I, and walked to the park. 

I walked, she rode the saucer. I pulled her in circles and she sled town teeny hills.

She swung on deserted swings, and slid down the wet slide.

And never in my life have I known someone to eat so much snow. Every time we're outside Libby eats a handful of snow. I have to watch her closely because most of the time it's old, yucky snow but, she doesn't care.

Today while I waiting in the line of cars to pick her up from Pre-School I watched her eat handfuls of snow. One right after the other, after the other! None of the other kids were eating snow. When she got in the car she said, "My teacher told me not to eat snow because animals poop on it but, everyday I eat snow because everyday I am hungry for snow!" 

It's true, she's always hungry!!! 

Fresh, powdery snow made a fun little outing for the two of us.

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pollydove said...

McCall ... I am so crazy about this little outing and these pictures of the Libster! I was (am) going to blog about it too!!!! She wants to eat snow and I want to eat her! (I loved eating snow too ... ALWAYS!)