Friday, May 11, 2012

unexpected fun

Please excuse the phone photos...I didn't realize I'd be needing a camera today.
Yesterday we went to the Beehive Bazaar to see my Aunt Courtney's booth. (She's so talented!) It was at Riverwoods in Provo which I haven't been to in years. Really, if I remember right, I was pregnant with Libby. A lot has changed to that little outdoor mall. Right next to the Bazaar was a toy store I was dying to step into. We didn't have time yesterday so, my littles and I went back today.

Blickenstaff's is also a toy store for parents, since they have only classic and (new) vintage toys. The kind that take you right back to your growing up years. They have a classic candy wall too. All the gummy candy you ate as a kid but, won't touch now. I tried one of Libby's "Gummy Fried Eggs"....ick! But, fun none the less.

We spent quite some time in that cute little toy store. The staff is happy to let the kids play with the train track, the doll house, and the bike's laying around for test rides. I thought this would be our only stop until I overhead a Grandma ask the kids she was toting if they wanted to ride the carousel. Libby loves carousel's more than just about anything so, we followed.

I'm so glad we did. The carousel was in Provo Beach was awesome. They give you a card to fill with any amount of money when you walk in and then the fun begins....

 You just swipe your card to ride the carousel (obviously), get food, treats, arcade games, gift shop, rope course, toddler center, rent a bike cruiser, 

and THIS! The wave place. I actually don't know what it's called but, you can surf, in Utah, all year round.

It was decorated like a beach resort. The floors where painted like water with wood docks. The walls were painted like a pier, and there were palm trees everwhere. There was even a large stage...not sure what goes on there....though I did read a sign that they have free story time on Thursdays.

Libby catching a wave.

Oh yes. Logan was there too. He just did what he does best....sleep. My good little bebe.


Lauren said...

Your kids are so adorable! Where is this place??? I need to go!

pollydove said...

WHO KNEW? Where have we been hiding that we did not know this place existed?!!! Oh ma word, it looks awesome!!! Love the pictures of Libby on the carousel ... and surfing! Funny little girlie. And that little Logan is too cute! A chunkster all boy kinda boy! xoxo