Thursday, April 5, 2012


Our little Logan turned 2 weeks yesterday.

He's the best baby. Just eats and sleeps.
His only problem would be that he throws everything up after he eats. We both smell and I do LOTS of laundry but, he's so cute to look at that I don't mind too much.

At his 2 week check up he gained almost a pound so, he must be keeping something down.
He weighs 8 pounds, 4 ounces now.
20 inches long...still. ;)

Me and Libbs kiss his cheeks all day long!


pollydove said...

I wish I could kiss his cheeks all the day long too!!! He is just too precious, I love these pictures of him. xoxo

pollydove said...

Okay, I just posted some of these pictures over on my blog, and then decided to just put one of he and Libby! I LOVE it too much so I decided I would feature just that one ... but all of these are so adorable! He is the cutest little guy!!! xoxox