Thursday, June 30, 2011

22 months

Little Libbs is 22 months today! I've been so terrible about taking pictures lately so, this one is from my cell. Lame. Libby is funny-funny. As soon as she's up in the morning she goes to my room, points to my TV and says, "show. show." She loves to watch Tangled the most but, close seconds are Monsters Inc and Toy Story 3. Her favorite book right now is "Goodnight Moon" and the "All About Libby" book I made for her 1 year Birthday. Her favorite song is Wheels on the Bus. We sing it over and over and over. She loves the beeping horn and shh-ing mom's the best. I'm trying to teach her how to answer the question she's been asked instead of just repeating the last word back. For example:

Me:      "Libbs, what's your name?"
Libby:  "Name."
Me:      "How old are you?"
Libby:   "You."

We're working on it, okay?

She repeats the phrase "happyday!!" all day long. It's the stinkin' cutest thing. What a little optimist!

Looking forward to the 3-day weekend so I can have LOTS of Libby time!


Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

crazy she is 22 months already!!! Sheesh!

pollydove said...

So fun and cute! Yay for blogs because otherwise you wouldn't have the dates of all of these cute things she does and says! LOVE dat bebe!!!