Monday, June 20, 2011

1st...wait, 2nd haircut

Last Friday I sent Libby off to the sitter’s house in 2 perfect pigtails. When I picked her up, her piggies were pulled out. (Typical) The sitter said her hair was taken out and she wasn’t able to find the elastics. No big deal, I have plenty at home. Little did I know this day would be the last her hair fit in piggies for a long time.


As we were walking up the stairs to our condo, Libby first, I noticed a big chunk of hair missing on the back, right side of her head. WHA?? I pulled her closer and noticed lots of short layers on the left side that were not there this morning. My heart was racing and I paced the kitchen as I decided on what in the world to do!!! Apparently a 5-year-old Salon Shop was set up that afternoon and the two littlest ones fell victim; my Libby being one of them. When I called my sitter and tried being stern and upset (this was truly upsetting) instead of sounded mad I just starting bawling. And then I couldn’t stop. I called Haley (my sister hair stylist) and she said she couldn’t fix it until the morning.

So after a VERY sleepless night, we headed to get Libby’s 2nd haircut.

Before picture - Right side

Before picture - Left side

Lots of short layers as you can see.

I'm not sure who she's scowling at but, she's good at it.

Trying food and mama as a distraction.

And the after photo.
When Haley saw her she said, "What do you want me to do?? There's so much going on!"
I didn't know what to do either but, we needed to try and make it cute again. So now my little Libbs is sporting a pixie-cut with an uneven hole on the right side.

I'm still not sure if she likes it or not....

This morning when I dropped Libby off, the self proclaimed beautician had an apology note for me and Jared.
 And another one for Libby.
(She told her Mom what to write. I guess I'll forgive her.)


pollydove said...

It really was bound to happen, one way or another, either by her own hand or by the hand of another silly little person - still hard, still sad (I know) so I am sorry that happened to you and the Libster!!! :(

But those really are cute apology notes, and her hair will look cute in a pixie cut as the hole in the side of her hair grows out! :)

Shan @ Design Gal said...

the picture of her looking to the side is priceless! she looks kind of like "i'm not so sure about this..."

I still can't believe the kids used her to play barbershop! What a stressful situation! But her pixie does look so cute!

Michelle Elkins said...

oh the note! How cute. Poor Libbers doesn't look too thrilled about it in her pictures. hah it's so cute.