Saturday, April 2, 2011


Oh how I've longed to style my little girls hair. Headband bows are nice but, pigtails and twisties are much better. We attempted piggies a couple of times this week. They never stayed in longer than a couple of hours but, it's progress.

 They were nice, neat and hairsprayed when first styled. Promise.

But, there's something about messy, played-in-piggies that I love even more then perfectly combed ones.

Giving her baby a kiss. ;)

Someday the hair will come....right?


pollydove said...

Oh my goodness ... I am LAUGHING out loud at the cuteness of these pictures!!! YES her hair will come in, and in the meantime, she will just have to have these teeny beeny piggies that make everyone SMILE!!!

Love dat bebe!!!! (Her aunties will be home TODAY - I think you better stop by the house tonight and bring this bundle of joy for extra smooches from them!)

The Josh's said...

Such cute pictures. I need to learn more ways to do Izzie's hair. Twisties sounds good!