Tuesday, February 8, 2011

sick day

I called in sick today. Not for me but, for Libbs. We were up ALL NIGHT! She's had a runny nose the past couple of days but, last night it turned into a very upsetting fever. So, we've been hangin' out. Watching lots of Dora and Mickey Mouse Club House....

Libby wanted to lay in my room (isn't it funny how kids do that when they're sick?) so, I made her a comfy little bed and turned on her show. It seemed so genius until I walked out to get some things done. Laundry, dishes, etc. She had to be by my side aaaaaaaaall day long so, my room was out.

We changed location to the main couch where all angles of the house are visable. Now, Libby can rest while I do house chores.

It's too bad fruit snacks and sippy's only occupy a toddler for so long....2 minutes tops.

So, I tried to make cookies with Libby. She INSISTED on holding the entire tray.

While devouring cookie after cookie. As much as I wish I could've let her....all good things must come to an end...

A very dramatic end.

This scowl is more along the lines of how our sick day was....long, grumpy, tiresome, sick.
She's finally down for the night (it's after 9) let's hope it actually lasts.


pollydove said...

oh that is sooooo sad and funny at the same time!!!! it made me laugh out loud! but that poor little thing ... she looks sick in those couch pictures - really pale like you kids used to get when you were sick. (i wonder how long she will hold on to her ears when she's tired!!!!)

love dat little girl too much!!!

sophie said...

Poor Libbers. She's like me, sick all the time :(

Anonymous said...

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