Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my baby turns 1

Dear Libby,

You turned one today! I can hardly believe it. If you've learned anything about your mama in the past year, you must know how emotional I am right now. You never seem to listen when I tell you to "Stop growing." Or from the following pictures to "Look at the camera!" Ha.

You starting walking a couple of days ago. I cried. But I'm happy too. Because you're happy. You LOVE to walk. You're pretty good too. You even clap for yourself when you've reached a destination.

You JUST got your first tooth 3 days ago. And you only woke up once. I didn't mind the midnight cuddle. It's your bottom tooth and it's quite adorable. Maybe now you can start to chew all the food you've been eyeballing. You pretty much like everything you try (and you want to try everything) but, your face is always grimaced with disgust. I think you'll spit whatever it may be right back out but, you swallow, open, and grunt for more. Everytime. When Grammie gave you your first taste of cheese you danced, ran from couch to couch, and came back WIDE mouthed for more.

You are extremely curious. And messy. You empty drawers in every room; your clothes, my clothes, dad's clothes. Your toys, Cooper's toys, Cooper's food and water (you haven't tasted it yet though as far as I know), kitchen silverware, kitchen pots, kitchen tupperware, DVD's, CD's, book shelves, dirt, etc.

If you only remember one thing on your birthday, please let it be how much me and your Dad love you! The past year has truly been my best yet! It's the best start to anyday when I hear you call for me in the morning. Then I wake up Dad so we can see you smile and bounce like a mad woman in your crib until one of us lifts you out. You love to bounce in your crib. Thank you for picking me to be your mama, I'm eternally grateful!

(You're not making a monkey face here, you just like to hold both ears when you're really really tired! So cute!)

Love you Baby Girl! Happy Birthday!


design gal said...

Where is a tissue when I need one? I'm such a boob. Andrew's studying behind me and even he got a bit teary.

You guys are such great parents! Libby is lucky to have you guys.

Happy Birthday Libby!

Cory & Megan said...

I totally cried reading this. I remember the day she was born and holding her in the hospital and thinking she was the most precious little girl i'd ever seen. And here she is, all grown up. I can't believe she is walking. I just love her. Can't wait to party it up in celebration of her life!

Devin, Abby, and Grady said...

Happy birthday Libby. McCall she's so freaking cute! We should hang out one day. I would love it. You're a good mom!

The Brady Bunch said...

Happy birthday Libby! I cannot believe she is one already. This is such a sweet post. P.S. I hate that hey don't listen to the whole "stop growing up"

pollydove said...

McCall. I am totally tearing up too. This is so sweet and you really are the sweetest mother to this little girl. And now that she is going to be just a wee bit more, um, shall we say "challenging" ... just remember how practically perfect she was the first year of her life!

Love dat bebe ... love you!

paige and jord said...

what a cute post mick! love her, and love you! happy birthday little girl.
{cant believe she's ONE!}

Kara Simmons. said...

Happy Birthday to Libby!

Seth and Shayla said...

wow I cant believe she is a year happy birthday LIbby