Sunday, May 2, 2010

binky baby

Libby looooves her binky. She can smile, laugh, and even cry while her binky is in her mouth. She's quite talented. The other day she was playing in her toy basket and waaay at the bottom of it, pulled out her infant binky. She'd pop it in her mouth and it would fall right out. She'd pop it in and it would fall out again. She did this a few more times before she figured out she had to hold it in. So, she played with one hand that evening. It was cute!

One handed little girl.

Sometimes she even steals this baby dolls binky (which is just a magnent) and tries it out.

When I went to check on her before I headed to bed, she had a binky in her mouth, and another in her hand. And I swear I only put her down with one. I don't know where she found the extra but, she sure hasn't given it up since.


Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

Brody is a binky boy too! He loves it when he sleeps. Aren't babies the best??? Libby is sooooo cute!!!!!

The Brady Bunch said...

Love it! I swear they stash them in hiding places all over the house. When I weened Leila off her binki, she kept finding them everywhere. I was wondering where they all went!

pollydove said...

GIMME DAT BABY!!!!!! Having a baby who loves their binky/passie/gag/dee-dee is the BEST!!! They are such a lifesaver! Especially during church!

Well ... always, really! xo