Saturday, March 20, 2010

lots of birthdays....

Happy Birthday to Isabel, Josh, Haley, & Savannah!
Sorry you don't each get a special birthday post but, March is crazy and...there are lots of you people that I love so, until next time we meet (because all listed above live out of state)...enjoy the laughter below and remember that you are VERY missed:


Michael and Michelle said...

I love grunt laughs!

design gal said...

i love that you muted the sports game going on in the background! lol!

Libby is sooooo cute! If you ever need a sitter, you can call me!

p.s. we need to get together!

pollydove said...

I love that little laughter! So cutie!

But poor Coop ... he really did feel left out of the action, huh?