Thursday, January 7, 2010

tubby time

I love giving Libby a tubby. She's so funny in the water. She starts out like this:
And within 30 seconds, all by herself, is like this:
Completely sideways and kicking away.
Her very favorite is when I let her do this (with supervision of course):

The End


design gal said...

Adorable! When we were little (around Libby's age) my mom would say "Go swimmin'!" and we'd kick our legs and move our arms really fast! She said we loved it! Kids and water are so funny!

pollydove said...

AWE!!!! That is adorable! Glad I got to see her lovin' her tubby time last week!

It is SO much better when babies like the water ... SO hard when they don't!

Devin, Abby, and Grady said...

She'll be so fun to take swimming in the summer. Grady has always loved baths and water..... and he LOVES swimming. She's adorable McCall.

alibrough said...

Oh my cuters!!! I love her. And good job on the modest phography...serious. See you tomorrow Libbers (you better be bringing her)