Sunday, January 17, 2010

cooper's three


Sorry there was no hoop-la like last year. Mama's priorities have drastically changed. It doesn't mean you have any less have more my little pup:

She goes by the name Libby, and you 2 get along quite well.

When we walk in the door, you no longer pounce me, you check the carseat.

Libby loves to help me take you on walks.

She grabs your fur and you don't even care.

I think you 2 are going to be the best of friends. So, happy be-lated birthday and thanks for being such a goo' goo' doggie.


design gal said...

awwwwww! :)

Michael and Michelle said...

Happy Bday Coop! It's so great when the dog gets a long with the baby!

pollydove said...

I LOVE DA COOP!!!!! I love those pictures!!! Especially the last one ... I might need to make it into a poster! Cutie! xoxo

Lindsay Bunker said...

Wow, that is the cutest post ever! I love the last picture, you can just tell these two are destined to be best friends! I get worried sometimes about our dog bc she is so spoiled that I think someday when we have kids, she will have a hard time with it!

alibrough said...

Happy b- day coooooooop!!! I was there at your adoption and have loved you ever since. oh wait...Penelope wants to say something...

"woo ruf ohhoo shgo ehguhr woof woof ha ha"

Apparently it was a joke or something hope you got it. Love ya Coop.