Wednesday, August 5, 2009

heres to a fab two-five

Just wanted to give a quick thanks for all the Birthday calls and text messages received today! Thanks for remembering me!
And a special thank you to this guy:
who made me breakfast in bed before work this morning!
Also investing in one of these for his Mrs:

And thanks Mom, Haley, Elliott and Soph (we missed you Chloe) for meeting me for lunch!
And thanks Mom again for the cute b-day post!!!

And thanks to good friends who met me for dinner! We don't go out often enough!

I can't wait for the next birthday in my life...and it won't be mine. I'll just very much be a part of it...hurry out Bebe. We need another celebration!

Now I think with my b-day mula I'll go buy me The Script CD! 
I definitely can't get enough of this song!
(sorry I can't just post the's being lame)



Michael and Michelle said...

Kitchen Aid Mixers are amazing! I have one and I don't know what I would do without it! So glad you have a great birthday!

design gal said...

did you get the green one?! LOVE IT! Happy Birthday! I'm glad we were able to go out with you guys! :)

Jen said...

happy birthday!

pollydove said...

Bug, I love that song too ever since you introduced me to it. And I hadn't seen the video yet ... love it! :)

Ally said...

totally random and kinda late...happy belated birthday!!!

ps...i LOVE the script! i think my fav song is 'breakeven'!