Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a gift from 5th avenue

I walked into my house from a long day of work and running around and beheld the most beautiful orange box I'd ever seen sitting on my counter. A carefully wrapped Hermes box was waiting patiently. As was my husband. This was the first piece of mail or package he hasn't ripped into before my arrival. He said he felt this one was different. 
I'm so glad he waited for me.  
We opened up the box addressed to Baby Girl Linares from our "family" in New York City.
I was a nanny a few years ago for the Kaplowitz clan and they've never stopped spoiling me. My lucky little girl is next to be showered with gifts.
I stared at the box for quite sometime before Jared insisted we open it...
An adorable pink and white wool blanket for the cold Utah winters.
I can hardly wait to wrap my little girl up in it!
I may use it until she arrives....oh wait....IT'S ALMOST AUGUST!
Guess I'll be waiting.
Thank you Jay, Sheila, Charlie, Oliver, & Tim
We LOVE it!
Miss you guys! 


pollydove said...

LOVE the new font pick my bug!!!!

paige and jord said...

how cute! and how nice of them. (great font... did you figure it all out!?!?)