Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Hot Dog on a Stick,

Why don't you have a drive-thru window convenient for me?
All I'm craving these hot summer days is a cold 
Cherry Lemonade Slushy
Even a regular Cherry Lemonade would be nice!
But, you have to be so inconveniently located inside the mall 
food court...a place I like to avoid completely.
What's a pregnant girl to do??


Anonymous said...

Girl I am with ya on that one!

Michael and Michelle said...

ha ha you are too cute!! Have Jared pick em up! Get a gallon of lemonade!!!!

Jen said...

Sonic has a pretty good cherry limeade slushy--it's not quite the same but close enough and...tada, has a drive through! I'm totally craving slurpees and slushys too--they just opened up the sno-cone shacks I'm SO exicted! It's gunna be a LOOONG summer.

alibrough said...

AMEN SISTER!! The closest one to me is on the actual beach and I would have to pay $10 to park and then walk 8 miles and i just want a cheeeeeese dog!

Polly said...

You're cute Bug!