Thursday, April 23, 2009

i heart britters

It's true...I have a special place in my heart for Britney Spears! And though I am hideous in all of the following pictures, I have to blog about the Circus concert. LOVED IT! First rained and rained and rained and we walked and walked and walked for what seemed like miles in it so, that's one excuse for my weird faces and really cute outfit. ;)
Me and Jess in the rain
Me and Melanie waiting for the show to start.
Those who have been asking for a bebe bump ya go. Ha. 


Pussycat Dolls opened and they were AWESOME! Nicole is sooo pretty
AND talented. Love them!

Pretty Britney...she had lots of circus side acts and magicians and such. Though my husband would disagree, the amount I spent on the tickets was SO worth it! When Jess and I heard that Brit was coming we went all out and got the best seats we could, we wanted to enjoy our fav performer the right way. I wanna go again! 


Michael Elkins said...

i love jessica's face in the pic.

See Sherm Blog said...

That doesn't count as a belly bump picture! :-) I demand a legitimate one!

linds jo said...

your poor bb had no choice but to be subjected to the spears filth...dont worry bb, cousin lindsay will save you next time:)

Devin, Abby, and Grady said...

So I'm thinking we need to hang out!!!! Me, you, and Jess need to do something! I haven't seen you for AGES!!!! And I want to see your pregnant belly!

design gal said...

hey! i sent you a message on facebook to see if you wanted to do girls night this saturday! let me know!