Monday, March 9, 2009

Braving The Storm

If you're wondering why the lack of posts these days, it's because I've been trying to handle my naughty new-comer. I DO NOT remember Cooper being such a handful. Zoe is so spoiled she cries and cries at your feet until you hold her, which is hard while cleaning or cooking. She's seriously like having an infant. Good practice I guess. 

Today right before I left work a blizzard hit. The snow was coming down hard and blowing like crazy. When I got home I just knew me and the dogs had to brave the weather because they couldn't hold it any longer. So, we put on our winter coats and headed out. 

Little Miss Thang tried to go up each set of stairs we passed 
thinking it was home. She wanted to be inside sooo bad. 
I finally just ended up carrying her to hurry up the cold walk. 

Buried in the snow.

Hurry, let us in!!!


Jen said...

Oh your puppies are so cute! SO guess what is crazy--we must have the same due date cuz our baby tickers have the same info! Sept. 13th??

Seth and Shayla said...

that is way funny they are such tinsy littel dogs