Sunday, February 22, 2009

it's a girl!!!

No silly...not the baby in my belly (too early for that) but, the 3 pound 
bundle of joy we brought home on Wednesday!
Meet Zoe
I kinda wanted to name her "Mini Coop" because she and Cooper 
are the SAME except for size. But, she came with the name 
Zoe and she seems to like it. ;)
She even fits in my shirt for outings.
She LOVES to play!
And even though Zoe has her own cute little pink bowls with the 
word "princess" on them, she will only eat out of Cooper's. 
Luckily he doesn't mind so much.
Excited big brother!
We're having a little bit of fighting issues but, 
hopefully before we know it, these 2 will be inseparable.


TeriLyn said...

She is DARLING!! Is she a yorkie?

Michael and Michelle said...

At first I was like " ooo a girl! WAIT she's not that far along!" ha, Zoe is precious! I will have to meet her when I come out in April!

Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

oh McCall, I am in love!!!! And you know the funny thing, my mom puts Lulu down her shirt too! you probably already knew that but I was laughing when I saw your picture. Darling Darling!!! Now its time to post that baby picture of yours...please!!!

paige and jord said...

she's to die for... welcome to the fam zoe!

See Sherm Blog said...

Ha! Very cute!!!!!! She's such a little thing!!

When I saw the subject I was like, "WHAT? She knows already?? I thought she just announced she was prego?!?!?" Hahaha. You fooled me. :-)

Seth and Shayla said...

Oh what a cute pup. two dogs now wow. what a cutie. we want to see your ultra sound picture please