Sunday, November 9, 2008


It's really too bad I love Taco Bell so much. I don't know what it is but, I can never get outta there matter which one I venture to. And there are many between work and home. Today in particular though, I'm venting about my fav fast food joint...

It all started when I opted to go drive-through. The line was long but seemed to be moving quickly, until I pulled in. (and of course someone pulled right in behind me so there's no backing out now) I waited, and waited, and waited. 20 minutes go by and I'm finally able to place my order.

Patient Me: "Number 9, no tomato please."
Box: "Did you say no tomato?"
Me: "Yep. That's right."
Box: "Ummm......pull forward."

So, I did. And waited, and waited, and waited.

Box (who's now a teenage boy): "What did you order?"
Me: "Number 9. No tomato."
Box disappears for too long.
Box: "Are you sure you didn't order 3 cheesy burritos, 2 volcano taco's, a coke, and cinnamon twists?"
Me: "Pretty sure."
Box disappears once again.
Box: "Somethings going on. Will you pull around to the lobby and I'll just give you your meal for free. You'll have to tell me what is is again though."

Now at this point I would just pull away and leave. It's been 35 minutes. But, has anyone really walked away from a "FREE" lunch??? Well, I haven't either, and I've already waited this long. So I pull around. All the lobby doors are locked and a tiny hand written note says, "Lobby closed today. Sorry for inconvenience." Before I can take off Box comes and let's me in. It's kinda creepy in an empty Taco Bell...and all their lights were off. Weird.

Box: "What did you order?"
Me: "Number 9. No tomato."

Box takes off to the back where it's just he and one other worker...he comes right back.

Box: "You said no tomato, right?"
Me: "Yep."
Box: "That'll be $5.16."
Me (confused): "Oh...I didn't bring my purse in."
Box: "I'll wait."

So, I go and get my purse and pay for my "FREE" lunch!!!! Thanks for nothing.
I drive all the way home and GUESS WHAT!!!!?????!!!!!!!
That's right, ya'll....THERE'S TOMATO ON MY DANG NUMBER 9!!!!!!


Design Gal said...

oh that SUCKS!!!!!! are we still on for twilight?

Meg and Alex said...

Taco Bell sucks! They do take forever and a couple times I've been and they've ran out of stuff I wanted, how do you run out? I wanted a chalupa and they said they didn't have anymore then I wanted a burrito and they ran out of those? So stupid!

paige and jord said...

ha ha mick thats hilarious.
i've always had troubles with taco bell. its DEL TACO all the way!

The Josh's said...

I love your stories. So much detail it makes me laugh. Move out her with me, I need the company.

Polly said...

My Bug! You are NOT your mother's daughter! I would have said, "I DON'T THINK SO PEEPS!"