Sunday, November 30, 2008

continuing traditions

Every Thanksgiving weekend for many many years now
my family and I head out to the Ogden area for a Christmas 
concert. Our good friend, Cori Connors always puts on
a great show that really sets the mood for the holiday season.

Chloe, Sophie, Mom, Me, Elliott

Cori (before the show started)
We then stopped off for some ice cream and stumbled upon
this beauty. It may become a new family tradition. In Ogden
they have a park filled with lights and little replica's of buildings 
in their city. It was stinkin' adorable. We loved it! The one above
is The Bank of Utah building (miniature). 
We really missed Haley and Jared this year and hopefully
next year everyone will be able to make it! 
Christmas...we're ready for you!!!

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paige and jord said...

the high school choir will sing again, oh little town of bethlahem. i didn't know when i sang there too.. i'd be missing you, like im missing you!!!
--oh good times. im sad i was notified the day of the concert, or i totally would have been there. we LOVE CORI CONNORS! i cant wait to see you AND jared soon! xoxoxo