Sunday, October 12, 2008

somethin' to prove

So....A LONG time ago, this cousin wanted some proof that I did indeed meet THE Ryan Seacrest! Now back in the days when Ryan Seacrest was still cool (does anyone else think he's a little out-of-control now?) I snuck in a picture with him. Literally broke the American Idol rules and stole a picture with Seacrest. The girls around me were so jealous. Oh....and yes....I have tried out for American Idol....twice. These picks of from the first attempt, cycle 2.

My 3 try-out buddies I met there....the boy, Jeff, made it to the final 24.

We slept in the parking lot of the Rose Bowl until they opened the gates the next morning....I think I was the only one that slept. The next morning my Mom informed me that a missed an awesome party, with karaoke and games. Ha. She's funny.

And.....the picture!!! The camera was a little zoomed in and keep in mind....I slept on the ground. Ha. Not so flattering but, so fun, right? This pic made the whole trip worth it. I had a HUGE Seacrest crush!

Here's another picture just for fun. At work the other day we were talking about mice and rats and how people hate them, and I couldn't help but admit that I once had plenty of rats as pets. Not just pets to look at but, pets I played with. Pictured below is one of them dressed up in Barbie clothes. You gotta fess up and agree this one is cutie though, right?

And now ya know.


Kara Denise... said...

Are you kidding about the rat part?! That's hilarious! And who hasn't had a Seacrest crush at one part of their lives?

Design Gal said...

Lol, you're so funny! I used to dress up my cats in my baby doll clothes...poor animals!

paige and jord said...

okay, i was there with "that cousin" and that conversation, and im so proud that the proof is finally coming out! and i was laughing at the rats because i COMPLETELY remember those pets. i have distinct images of them on your driveway at your glendora house. good times mick, good times.
ps. i miss you

Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

I LOVE the rat!!! I never knew that they would be nice and not bite you, especially if you were trying to cloth one. You have proved me wrong and now I love it!!