Friday, October 31, 2008

hApPy HaLlOwEeN!!!

Well, this is a fun holiday, indeed! Especially when you get to be someone as fun as Glinda the Good Witch!
Last weekend my Mom and I went to Witch's Night Out at Gardner Village. Good times. Most women were dressed in their scariest witch fact...I think I was just 1 of 2 "good witches" all night. The food was yum, the dancing was groovy, and the shopping was great!!!

Even Cooper got in on the fun! Here he is in all his King glory!

And I even dressed up for work today on All Hollow's Eve. Here's cute Snow White (little Sophia) and I before she headed off to Preschool. Have fun trick or treating tonight...I'll be at my Mom's checkin' out the cute costumes that come to the door.


Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

I think your the prettiest witch I've seen!!! :) Happy Halloween McCall.

paige and jord said...

oh my gosh you guys are so cute! LOVE the costumes!