Friday, September 19, 2008


Last night I went into a little Halloween store to browse. I couldn't find the pet section so, I asked the teenage store wanderer were the "dog costumes" were. He looked at me like I was NUTS! Now, I know I'm not the first person to ever dress up their dog for Halloween so, I wasn't sure what the look pointed in my direction quite meant. So, I asked again and he said, "You wanna dress up like a dog?" Hahahaha! Heavens no store guy! How embarrassing that he even thought it.

I didn't buy anything since nothing was quite like the picture below. Coop needs something that WOWS and a pumpkin just won't do this year. My hunt continues.


Abby Ras said...

McCall you're so funny. I really think we should get together soon! I miss you guys! So lets hang out!

Meg and Alex said...

haha that's way funny! I dress up my dog every year, I'm a freak. last year I dressed him up as a lobster. Target usually has some good ones or Petco. This year i'm dressing him up as an Ewok.