Tuesday, August 19, 2008

somebodies happy about the new chair

I've wanted a really funky and different kinda chair to throw in the corner of my family room for quite some time now. So, when my auntie Leslie came upon this one, I just couldn't pass it up. My awesome-helper cousins, Kenny, Brooks, and Jordan brought it up for me and the second they set it down, Cooper had to check it out. And I'm happy to announce, it got the Coop-stamp-approval. I haven't seen him this happy in, well, since graduation. Ha.

Here's a view of the room as a whole (as much as you can get in one picture shot). And yes Kenny, that IS Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood playin' on the TV. Kenny walked in and said that I must be the only person to ever watch this program. Ha.

I also tried to squeeze in a little photo shoot. By this time Cooper was a bit pooped and didn't want much to do with posing.

At least I got one decent shot...you can see the chair fabric better in this close up. I do enjoy it! I think tonight I'll go home and finish Breaking Dawn in my cozy new reading chair.


Colleen Sherman said...

CUTE! LOVE the chair! Your living room looks awesome! I LOVE your couch and leather coffee table/ottoman!! I've wanted a table/ottoman like that forever, but have the hardest time committing to purchasing one. I just need to do it already. And this gave me the inspiration. :-) Now I just need to find one for $300 (or less). Is that possible?

Design Gal said...


paige and jord said...

after you bought that from my mom... i went in the garage and looked at it and im so mad you beat me to the punch.. its so dang cute! grrr
jk love ya