Tuesday, June 17, 2008

t-ball continued

i just wanted to share some pics of cameron's actually game last night. it was really fun. cameron didn't really pay attention to what was going on and at one point even moved 2nd base when he was supposed to be standing on it. ha!

this isn't cameron but, it's hilarious. the ball rolled right past this little guy and he was so bummed he just laid down in the middle of the dirt. the coach had to come and carry him off. funny!

and cooper found a girlfriend. she was the stinkin' cutest little think EVER! only 4 months old. they kept kissing eachother each time one would pass by. so cute!

and this would be cameron moving 2nd base. he wasn't the only kid to do so either so, something must have been bugging 'em.

enjoying a summer snowcone treat!


linds jo said...

happy belated annivers! snugglin up with coop and LOST will for sure help ease the pain!!!!

shan & andrew said...

McCall! I'm a bad friend!!! I'm so sorry we haven't gotten together this week! Let's plan something FOR SURE next week. In fact, how about Tuesday next week for dinner?