Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Turning Back

It's official. Jared has sworn into The Navy. The sad (for me) event took place at 10am this morning. He leaves May 21st for boot-camp in Illinois and then straight to A-School in Virginia for a total of FIVE months!!! What am I going to do??? He seems excited now but, Jared, you're going to miss me. Just wait. This blog may turn from "The Jared & McCall Events" to "Cooper & McCall Everything". I knew there were other dog obsessed people out there, I just didn't know such fabulous ones lived in the blog world. I steered clear of posted too many Coop-blogs in fear of looking silly (please no "you shouldn't care what other people think lectures here") UNTIL I fell open blogs such as these:
Clever Blog Name Here
Two Dogs Blogging
Colleen Sherman
just to name a few. Fellow blogga's who think their dog is actually a child, like mine. I call Cooper "son" and take him to doggie day-care so he won't spend time alone while I'm at work. People try and convince me that dogs don't mind being alone but, like I've mentioned, he's my child. Colleen Sherman even sends out holiday cards from her dog to other dog friends. Some might find this strange...I think I might steal the idea.
Cooper enjoys: Playing X-Box with the boys

Napping under the bed with a stuffed "baby"

Having all of his belongings out at once

Observing his treat before devouring it

Also: Vistors
People food
Grandma's house
Long long long long walks with naps in the middle

and His Navy sworn Daddy!!!

............just for starters. ;)


shan & andrew said...

Dude, I feel bad leaving my cats at home! And they're so independant! I know I'll be obsessed with our little pup when we get one (someday...). I just love Colleen & Ashley's blog! They have the cuttest dog- I especially love burrito!

Dude, we need to chill more, espeicially since Jared is going to be gone so long!

Colleen Sherman said...

HI! Thanks for the shout out. :-) There's no shame in the "being obsessed with you dog" game!! :-) Claim it! And if people don't get it... oh well for them.

Your little Cooper is adorable too... so I can see how he would be treated as a son. I've even got my parents in on it... and they call Rocco their grandson. But I'm sure all that will change when we actually give them a "real" grandchild. :-)

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

Your dog is cute I would be obsessed too! Well congrats to Jared with the Navy and good luck to you! Being a military wife is hard, but you love your soldier! I have a dog as well so with Jared and my husband being gone we will have to have play dates. Have fun!

Anonymous said...
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shan & andrew said...

Sup girl? Are you coming to girls night tonight? I'll text you in a little bit!

Ashley said...

Hey Coops,

What up. Can't wait to read about all of your doggy adventures.


Burrito and Chloe

woof woof

PS. Mom says hi and she likes your blog!

Greg and Kara said...

I can't believe you guys are going to seperated that long!!!! I wish we had time for one more get together but we are leaving this Friday! Are puppies need to meet too! Good things we have dogs to keep us company because both of our husbands are workahilics over the next few months!

linds jo said...

hey i havent been on the computer forever and i cant believe that i missed the fabulous deal or no deal post! it reminded me of all the good times:) cant wait to see your ryan secrest pic. and dont worry we will have you (and your child...if he no poopie:) over while your hubby is off being all he can be! la ya.