Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I had the pleasure of attended TWO fabulous girls nights the past couple of days. (My poor husband) One being Shannon's night, so fun, and then the on going BUNCO! We started Bunco almost 2 years ago and we only played the game for about 4 months. It got just too tricky trying to get 12 girls there every single month. We had to try and find subs and such. One month even some husbands filled in to keep the game going, which is totally breaking the rules so, we stopped the game but not the fun. I still call our one dinner a month "bunco" though it's just a gathering of whomever can make it. And it is very good times. Especially if you've missed the past couple of months like I have. ;) Last night was a very good turn out. Some times there's 3 of us, sometimes 12. Girls....luv ya!

Brittany, Shayla, Jessica, Ali, Me, Ashley, Chelsi, & Kady


shan & andrew said...

Does Ashley do hair? If not will you ask her where she gets hers done and let me know!? I LOVE HER HAIR!

Kade and Elisa Clark said...

Look how fun! Girls nights are great and totally needed! Tell those girls i for me, there are some faces i have not seen since high school!