Sunday, March 9, 2008

waiting room update

We got the call this morning from Jared's brother that my dear friend and sister-in-law, Brandie is in labor. We are thrilled but, it IS a long wait. Luckily St. Marks has a visitor's computer. I've been updating myself on every one's current events. Especially since Jared won't change the channel from college basketball. My update....we're still waiting. Here's something else, we got called to serve in the Nursery last week and we were definately baptized by fire. They threw us right in, day of! So, we had the lesson today and obviously, can't be 2 places at once. I called every sister on my primary list and NOBODY choose to answer. I left messages and such but would not feel comfortable all day if I didn't get a hold of SOMEBODY to say we weren't going to be there. I finally got through to our team teachers (who we've never met)and he wasn't very sympathetic at all about my sistuation. Whatev. I'm having a niece today.

On a sadder note, I forgot my camera. No pics just yet. Not that she's here but, ya know, when she does grace us with her presence. And she doesn't have a name yet which I'll update ya'll on later. Since I'll be here for awhile. My update....we're still waiting. ;)


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