Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I know I'm a little late on announcing my WINNERS but, after last night's performances I had to let it be known. I really really really love Carly Smithson. She's been my fav since tryouts. I actually remember her a couple years ago when her visa didn't go through and she couldn't make the top 24. Anyway...I don't think she'll win but, I love her!
And my pick to win...though I doubt this one as well is....DAVID COOK!!! I like to choose people who I know I would buy their CD. Though I love Brooke and David Archuleta too (they are the world's picks) I just don't think I'd buy their CD's. Brooke, maybe. David A. No.

So anyway...good luck to my 2...I at least hope they get far enough that they'll still make an album, even if they don't win it.

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