Monday, November 19, 2007

Okay, Okay

So...I've been tagged. I tried to let it slide by but, Brynne is egging it. Ha. Just teasin' B.

ONE: Let's start at the very beginning...A very good place to start. (I hope you all sang that)If not, it's been WAY too long since you've watched The Sound of Music. I LOVE MUSICALS! SO MUCH! It's funny because sometimes I'll leave my iPOD running, playing every song in alphabetical order, and when it gets to the F's it plays 15 different "Finale" songs for all of the soundtracks I've got in there. And at the O's it plays all the "Overtures." Sometimes in the car Jared groans and says, "Can't we listen to something normal this ride."

TWO: is for, two peas in a pod. Speaking of Jared, this is a VERY embarrassing picture but, worth sharing. It's the 2 of us at our Sophomore Homecoming dance. Jared has loved me since the 6th grade. ;) As soon as I turned 16 he took me on my first date. After that we hardly spoke until after his mission, (just different groups of friends) when he saw me working at Abercrombie in the Gateway. He got my number and before leaving said, "Look Mom, that's the girl I'm going to marry." (I just found that part out by the way) Cute, right?

THREE: is for 3 cheers!!! I was going to leave this for last but, I'm just too excited! Jared and I are closing on our new Pleasant Grove condo on the 28th. We have appreciated living with the fam but, extremely thrilled to have a place to call our own. You wouldn't believe how wide people's eyes go when we mention we've chosen to move to Utah County. I don't see the problem. Maybe we'll find some underlining terror once we get there. (Hopefully not)

FOUR: is for my fav four legged friend. I have the cutest dog in the whole wide world. I know everyone says that but, for a 12 pound yorkie, he's pretty stickin' adorable. I just taught him to "high five" and after a month of working on it, I feel like such a proud mama. I wish I knew how to put videos on here b/c I know you all would enjoy it. High cute.

FIVE: is for the fifth OC season. This is mostly wishful thinking since there are only 4 seasons. I just want a fifth one SOOO bad. Just one more! I miss the OC very very much. I guess it's just on my mind right now b/c my sister-in-law and I just finished a marathon of all the DVD's. And it's always hard when they end. Sure, I've got every episode ever filmed and extra footage but, you can never get too much of Seth Cohen. You just can't.

SIX: is for my years spent in college. I am a professional student. Saddly. I have taken so so many lame, unnecessary courses in my days of deciding what to be when I grow up. I still haven't decided. This is again, a wishful thought. I'm going on 4 years now and hopefully in 2 more, I'll have graduated. I've taken the last semester off to choose a major and as my time runs out, I've still not decided. So, I've transfered schools hoping for some inspiration. We'll see what happens.

***This was a fun little activity yet, I'm afraid I can't tag anyone because I only have 4 Blogger friends, and they have all done it before but, LA YA!!!


Shan&Andrew said...

Dang it McCall! I was going to tag you! I too, only have a minimal amount of blogging friends! haha! Jareds head looks TINY in that homecoming picture, but you guys are so cute! How is the condo? If you need design advice let me know! :) We need to go to dinner soon!

Louder Family said...

Yea! That was so cute. Your picture of coop is presh(in mccall language). I am sad to say I do not think I am going to cori connors, Lindsay and I decided that driving to wyhoming to hear about the flexible flyer was not going to work this year! Hope you have a blast! See ya Thursday!

linds jo said...

Howdy neighbor! That was hilarious. Im super stoked to come over for dinner every night...
La ya-