Thursday, October 25, 2007




Louder Family said...

Welcome welcome to the blog world. It is so much fun! Your blog is totally cute. Oh, I loved your wedding day. You are stunning! So yes we need to play cause it has been too long. Are you going to grammies halloween party? What are you going to be? You best be dressing up.

Louder Family said...

You also best be getting your little babies picture up here. You know the blog world is to show off and you must be showing off that doggie of yours!

linds jo said...

Little cousin Mcdonald-

Hayo! Im so excited you are in the bloggin world...welcome. This is a fun way to keep tabs on eachother.
love ya,
Linds Jo

Shan&Andrew said...

Hey hey! I *heart* your blog! So, we need to hang out more! You guys were so fun at the Haunted House!

Paige said...

Mickey! your blog is so dang cute. proud to see that 'the cousins' made it up there. i miss seeing you and jare-bear! (ha made that up) hope all is well.

love you,
peeps (deux)